My Headphone Obsession

The start of my headphone obsession stems from the fact I hate the standard issue iPhone earbuds. I love all things Apple, but hate the earbuds. They’re hard plastic, hurt my ears, the sound quality sucks, and using them makes me a conformist and just like everyone else.

But I love being able to answer the phone by the inline remote control, hang-up a phone call, and control audio volume.

Luckily, a man can spend hours on-line researching and looking for the better alternatives. And when I was exercising, I found the Adidas-Sennheisers OCX 685i pair, and loved them – even though the over-the-ear design, and blue color, made them a big obnoxious looking.

Then I slammed them in the car door, and they were toast.

I became obsessed with sound quality, and it led me to the Sennheiser MM 70i which I have to say made me happy every time I listened to music – brilliant sound quality, comfortable in-ear silicone buds, and an in-line microphone that pointed up at my mouth versus out or toward my chest. I should mention something else – I really don’t like holding an iPhone to my ear. My arm and hands get tired (actually my right hand falls asleep quite easily from years of video gaming and repetitive movement). Anyway, the microphone design, in my opinion, was superior and I felt I had found the last set of ear bud headphones I would ever need …and then I lost them. I don’t know how, or where, but they’re gone.

Now what? Along with my 7 pairs of Bedphones, I have burned through 9 pairs of ear buds and I’m starting to think I don’t deserve nice things. So today I bought a $6 pair of Sentra ear buds with a microphone from T.J. Maxx and that will be good for talking on the phone, and I have another pair of Sennheisers ear buds without a micrphone or in-line controls, and I’ll need to think twice before shelling out another $50 or more.

This is the type of the thing that will haunt me.

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