Write It, Don

How do I say this politely? You’re not very good at writing. OK …that’s probably not entirely true, but I feel pretty confident you don’t like writing all that much. You probably have other hobbies or talents, and I’m sure you’re very good at what you do, but if writing isn’t your passion and isn’t fun for you, let’s talk.


It has a spooky name, but it’s nothing more than plain old writing. Why do we call it “ghost writing?” We don’t call the guy who paints your living room a “ghost painter”. We don’t call the guy who changes the oil in your car a “ghost mechanic.” I guess that’s the big difference …you don’t plan to go around at parties pretending you painted your bedrooms and fixed your own car, but you do want people to think all the brilliant, interesting, and hilarious things in your book and on your Blog, Facebook, and Twitter is your own creation.

That’s why you hire a ghost-writer. Same reason you might hire a marketing company or advertising agency.

Do you think George Takei (aka Sulu), of Star Trek fame, writes his own stuff?


Glad you asked. You are famous, or busy, focused, driven, creative, charismatic, in-demand, travelling, never-sleeping, taking calls, making calls, eating, sleeping, trying to fit a work-out into your schedule, and occasionally you might like to see your family. You are an expert in your field. A leader. A pioneer. People expect greatness from you. You expect greatness from yourself. You look around and you see other great people doing (writing) great things and you wonder, “golly …how do they do it?”

Hint: They talk to me.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to just do stuff, you have to blog it, write it, Tweet it, Facebook it, Ping it, Buzz it, Link it in, and get it done by COB.

And you ask yourself, “gee whiz …how can I find the time?

Answer: Hire Don to ghost-write.

I’m a guy who likes to write. Like, really likes to write. And having a ghost-writer is what busy, successful people like yourself do to make sure they stay relevant, current, and overly exposed.


Yes. If you loved social media, blogging, writing, and sharing everything on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, you could do it.

If you liked shooting clever video and taking amazing pictures …yes, you could do it all yourself.

  • Many of the most interesting websites and Facebook Pages you see are built, maintained, and populated by a ghost-writer.

  • You don’t build a home by yourself with a tool box, hammers, nails, wallpaper and paint – you diversify your efforts and hire contract employees.

  • You didn’t build your care by yourself.

Your social media effort and hiring of a ghost-writer is no different than hiring a quality plumber, electrician, or choosing and doctor.


We’ve established that you are busy. But you have to update your blog and you want it to be interesting and smart like the blogs you read. That’s where I come in. I turn your rambling, fleeting thoughts into a blog entry you’ll be proud to share with colleagues, peers, friends, and family.

Step 1 – Finding your voice.

I interview you, read samples of your writing, and try and capture your voice. It’s really that simple. In two or three attempts, with good feedback from you, I can usually hone it down so that anyone reading “your stuff” will think you wrote it.

Step 2 – Providing material.

The beauty of a ghost-writer, is that you don’t have to stay organized, I stay organized for you. You can send me starter ideas or full blown ideas in any number of ways:

  • Email

  • Text msg

  • call my phone and leave a long voicemail (or multiple voicemails) any time day or night.

  • Tweet me

  • write something on a napkin and mail it to me

  • send me a YouTube video or any video of a lecture you gave

  • rip an article from a magazine and write some notes in the margin

  • mental telepathy

  • send me a book and dog-ear pages and underline and highlight stuff

  • Morse code

Step 3 – I write.

I take whatever you give me and based on what I think you want, I crank out a blog entry, a full-blown article, or e-blast email you can send to your newsletter subscribers. You get that extra hour of sleep, you see your thoughts turned into a solid writing sample, and everyone is happy.

Step 4 – You pay me.

It’s very simple. A good ghost-writer keeps diligent track of his time. He knows his clients are in the dark as to what he’s doing and how he’s spending his time and their money. I will over-communicate with you and make sure you meet your deadlines and keep on your timeline. Do you have a weekly newsletter? Do you write an article once a month for “Awesome Person Magazine?” Do you have a wedding coming up and you’re the best man, and you really need help finishing the toast (and people are expecting brilliance from you)? I stay focused and set deadlines and I deliver.


Based on what you need, how often, and how much writing you need, I’ll customize a plan for you. I’m affordable, will work within whatever budget you have, and I only write when you need me.


I hope you will utilize my services. If you have any questions, please call me at 917-692-3967 almost any time day or night. The beauty is, you pay me when you use me and need me. You employ me as long as you enjoy what I’m ghost-writing for you. People will be amazed at what you’ve written, and nobody needs to know that you and I ever spoke.

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