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Sweating the Small Stuff: Daily Journal and Skin Care

Does anyone remember that book … Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff …and it’s all Small Stuff”? That book really bothered me when it was released. I mean, life really is mainly about the “small stuff.” It’s the “small stuff” that sets the foundation for the big… Continue Reading “Sweating the Small Stuff: Daily Journal and Skin Care”

Great Reading – The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Every Monday, for more than twenty years, a guy named Roy Williams has sent a memo to his friends, fans, clients, and subscribers called the Monday Morning Memo.  Every Monday! Period. He never misses. The “memo” is interesting. Sometimes it applies to what I’m doing.… Continue Reading “Great Reading – The Stories We Tell Ourselves”

OK. I’ll Try Meditation

A few things are universal in the self-help and coaching world. Exercise daily Avoid starches and sugars Sleep at least 7-hours each night Meditate I’ve tried meditating. It’s difficult. My brain is the kind of brain that never stops. During the guided meditation session… Continue Reading “OK. I’ll Try Meditation”

Information or Confirmation?

I start every day with the Darren Daily. He’s a guru/life coach and I take everything free he gives me. And if I had some extra scratch, I would quite likely take one of his courses. This morning, he talks about how we consume information.… Continue Reading “Information or Confirmation?”

Beginning Again

I’ve let some things slide. I don’t make and sell my Donnie Jalapeno Salsa, anymore. It’s the best salsa that anyone has ever made, anywhere, and I owe the world my salsa (did that sound dirty?). I don’t write, anymore. I used to write… Continue Reading “Beginning Again”

Fear, Loathing, Hesitation, and Whining

I’m not a firefighter. I’m not a cop. I’m not serving in our military and I’m not deployed to a war zone. I’m not a tight-rope walker. Why do I bring this up? I listened to Tim Ferriss’s recent Podcast titled, “How to Overcome… Continue Reading “Fear, Loathing, Hesitation, and Whining”

Always Searching for the Next Perfect Breakfast

My breakfast is usually the following: 1/2 cup warm water 1 tsp Macca powder 1 tsp Chia seeds 1 scoop Green Vibrance 1 tbl spoon apple cider vinegar 1 tbl spoon melted coconut oil 1 tbl spoon melted grass fed Kerrygold butter And I… Continue Reading “Always Searching for the Next Perfect Breakfast”

Goal-setting for 2015

I think something might be wrong with me because when I look ahead to 2015, one of my big goals is to organize my names, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses. I guess you’d call that “my Contacts.” Yup. That’s my “big goal.”… Continue Reading “Goal-setting for 2015”

Things I Will Do: Have Faith

As I mentioned yesterday, this past weekend I decided to pick-up Scott Westerman‘s The Spartan Life 2 and read it again. But this time …really read it. And then blog about it. Why? It goes back to that old adage that you should think… Continue Reading “Things I Will Do: Have Faith”

Things I Will Do: Balance My 2014

The worst thing about having a blog, which I’ve had now for about 10 years, is you can’t hide from anything you’ve said or boldly proclaimed. I’m lucky, for the most part, only about a dozen people read my blog, so it’s not like… Continue Reading “Things I Will Do: Balance My 2014”