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My 2022 Christmas Card Letter

I wish I could send everyone a copy of my ’22 family Christmas card and enclosed Christmas card letter, but postage stamps are expensive. Lucky you if I deem you worthy of .50-cents. No, really. I’m a very lucky guy. I have so many… Continue Reading “My 2022 Christmas Card Letter”

Don the Hero, Part 1

I forget how many times I’ve been a hero, but it’s alot. I’m like Batman. What’s my latest bit of heroism? I’m glad you asked. Starting in December, I started getting calls on my cell phone from people saying they’d like to schedule a… Continue Reading “Don the Hero, Part 1”

My Grandpa’s Eulogy

Finally. I’ve challenged myself a few times in my life, but this is something I’ve feared and procrastinated about for years. My procrastination might be going on a decade. In previous posts I’ve mentioned I want to take all the eulogies, wedding toasts, and… Continue Reading “My Grandpa’s Eulogy”

Life Changing Moments (and Weekends)

This past weekend I spent 3-nights in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula living “off the grid” as much as this pretty city boy could. My brother-in-law has a hunting compound he’s built with a friend on 100-acres. No running water. No electricity. No Wi-Fi. This “weekend… Continue Reading “Life Changing Moments (and Weekends)”

I Do What Tim Ferriss Says

Because I do whatever Tim Ferriss says in his podcasts, I ordered the Mizzen+Main “Beckett” blue gingham dress shirt and used promo code ‘TIM’ and got a Henley shirt for free. And I knew I was responding to an ad. I knew it. I know… Continue Reading “I Do What Tim Ferriss Says”

A Christmas Tree Saved is a Christmas Tree Earned

We started a new tradition last year. We went to a tree farm in northern Michigan and chopped down a tree and brought it home. Tied it to the roof of our van, we did. I didn’t have string, so I borrowed some “line”… Continue Reading “A Christmas Tree Saved is a Christmas Tree Earned”

Things I Did: Weekend Writing Wrap-Up

There was a point in my life where I’d have thought a blog entry like this was superfluous, unnecessary, and excessive (just like the two words I used after “superfluous”). I’d have also thought a blog entry like the one you’re about to read… Continue Reading “Things I Did: Weekend Writing Wrap-Up”

Things I Did: Started Taking Melatonin

As I’ve documented on this blog, I was having some sleep issues. Mainly, I’d wake up multiple times at night and have trouble going back to sleep and turning off my brain. Small worries would clutter my brain and then as minutes turned into… Continue Reading “Things I Did: Started Taking Melatonin”

Things I Did: Marketing Monday

It’s the best feeling in the world when someone trusts me, trust my knowledge, and believes as strongly in their business as I believe in mine.

Things I Did: Slept

I probably shouldn’t jump the gun and claim I’ve conquered sleep, already. It’s only been 2 nights, but I might be onto something. Here’s what I’m doing… Step 1: Planning a bedtime, sleep time, and a wake-up time that gives me 7.5 hours of… Continue Reading “Things I Did: Slept”