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My Updated Christmas Wish-List

I told someone recently to immediately forget the past. I wisely said, “turn the page,” and, “who you were yesterday and whatever you did or didn’t do, really has no impact on tomorrow.” It ain’t easy, but it’s true. For example, my whole life… Continue Reading “My Updated Christmas Wish-List”

I Love Don Week Wrap-Up

Another glorious I Love Don Week is in the books and while I only got a few things off my ultimate wish-list, it was the surprises that delighted. But truly, if you meant to buy me something, don’t be embarrassed if you send me a belated… Continue Reading “I Love Don Week Wrap-Up”

I Love Don Week, Day 2

Before you roll your eyes, you might wonder, “why does Don do this stupid I Love Don Week?” The answers might suprise you. I’m insecure, selfish, and like getting more than giving My parents spoiled me my entire life and I’m still living in a world most… Continue Reading “I Love Don Week, Day 2”

Announcing I Love Don Week 2018

We’re officially TWELVE DAYS away from the start of I Love Don Week 2018. Can you believe it?!?!?!?  Only twelve shopping days. And now, for the official announcement. The list… Waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker WiFi Smart Plugs Bogs Urban Walkers 12V Cordless Drill+Screwdriver (this one… Continue Reading “Announcing I Love Don Week 2018”

I Love Don Week, Recap

At work, we set goals, we launch initiatives, we have budgets and we work to make them happen. After a time, we review and assess performance. I Love Don Week should be treated the same. Let’s look at the good and the bad and next… Continue Reading “I Love Don Week, Recap”

Mid-Year Review is Almost Here

For anyone who might’ve stopped keeping track, we’re 14-days away from the start of I Love Don Week and 21-days away from my birthday. If I may ask one thing for my birthday, is that you don’t scroll back through my Blog posts and don’t… Continue Reading “Mid-Year Review is Almost Here”

“I Love Don Week” Day 4

Gonna be quick, here. Day 3 and 4 were great and each day brought with is a new batch of desk decorations and, in fact, my co-workers made me a banner. A banner!!! Guess you could call it a “banner day.” Zing! With cleverness… Continue Reading ““I Love Don Week” Day 4″

“I Love Don Week” Day 3

We’re almost done with “I Love Don Week” Day 3, and I don’t wanna dive too deep into this, and yesterday was good, but …I received zero gifts (save for a free coffee from co-worker C.M., but I think she only bought me a coffee… Continue Reading ““I Love Don Week” Day 3″

Run-Up to “I Love Don Week”

In a conversation with some friends, yesterday, someone brought up “I Love Don Week” and I forget exactly who brought it up and felt like talking about me and my birthday – you know how these things just happen spur of the moment. Anyway,… Continue Reading “Run-Up to “I Love Don Week””

I Love Don Week, Day 1-3

Can you believe it’s already Day #3 of “I Love Don Week” and I haven’t posted an obnoxious blog post listing all the things on my wish-list for my birthday? Luckily, for some strange reason, my family plays along with the “I Love Don… Continue Reading “I Love Don Week, Day 1-3”