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Father’s Day & I Love Don Week

***Attention*** This Blog Post is not the “I Love Don Week” and “Stuff I Want” list. This (what you’re reading) is a Blog post about the “I Love Don Week” list where I announce when shopping-for-Don season has officially begun. Sometimes I announce new… Continue Reading “Father’s Day & I Love Don Week”

Don’s 2022 Christmas Wish-List

Readers are well aware of my Stuff I Want Page. It’s a living-document, constantly being updated based on my changing tastes and hobbies, new ideas, and things being purchased. The list is a combination of big, expensive items (for those who really, really like… Continue Reading “Don’s 2022 Christmas Wish-List”

Sweating the Small Stuff: Daily Journal and Skin Care

Does anyone remember that book … Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff …and it’s all Small Stuff”? That book really bothered me when it was released. I mean, life really is mainly about the “small stuff.” It’s the “small stuff” that sets the foundation for the big… Continue Reading “Sweating the Small Stuff: Daily Journal and Skin Care”

Best of 2021

I’m way behind on this, but I wanted to try this Past Year Review thing I heard about on the Tim Ferriss show. His step-by-step says to review a calendar of your journals from the past year and go week by week, put two… Continue Reading “Best of 2021”

Beauty Products and Me, 2022, Part 1

I’m vain. Always have been. And it’s not even something I wish I wasn’t. I like when my hair stylist looks shocked when I tell her my age and that I have three teenagers. I know, I know, she’s working for a tip, but… Continue Reading “Beauty Products and Me, 2022, Part 1”

The White Elephant Gift Exchange Game

Historians have determined the origins of the “White Elephant Gift Exchange Game” started around the end of the 80s. Hard to believe, before that, extended family gathered without any gift-giving and gift-getting agenda and co-workers weren’t forced to “buy something” for each other even… Continue Reading “The White Elephant Gift Exchange Game”

My Updated Christmas Wish-List

I told someone recently to immediately forget the past. I wisely said, “turn the page,” and, “who you were yesterday and whatever you did or didn’t do, really has no impact on tomorrow.” It ain’t easy, but it’s true. For example, my whole life… Continue Reading “My Updated Christmas Wish-List”

I Want Stuff, Part 5: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

It’s not so much “I want stuff” …but “I have stuff.” And my BLUblox blue (and green) light blocking glasses that I wear before bed might be the single best purchase I’ve made in a long, long time. Recall, I’m obsessed with quality sleep. I’ve… Continue Reading “I Want Stuff, Part 5: Blue Light Blocking Glasses”

I Want Stuff, Part 4: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Not sure if this is Dad Stuff, Self-Improvement Stuff, or just an old-fashioned I Want Stuff post. I’m obsessed with quality sleep. I feel if I get 7 hours of sleep I’m Superman. If I get 6 or less, I’m Wile E. Coyote –… Continue Reading “I Want Stuff, Part 4: Blue Light Blocking Glasses”

I Want Stuff, Part 3: Ash & Erie Because I’m Short

I have a confession. I’m short. My father was short(ish). His father was short. Three uncles on my mother’s side are short. I have 3 short older cousins. My other grandfather stood 5’4″ I hear. And no matter how I comb my hair .… Continue Reading “I Want Stuff, Part 3: Ash & Erie Because I’m Short”