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Random Stuff, Part 9: Billy Joel (and Vinyl v. Remastered)

My best friend bought a record player, like many middle-aged, Gen-X dudes are doing. I want one, too. I imagine myself sitting in an old metal folding chair by my record player on a Friday night sipping a glass of Southern Comfort and orange… Continue Reading “Random Stuff, Part 9: Billy Joel (and Vinyl v. Remastered)”

Random Stuff, Part 8: Microwave Your Mug

When we lose someone important and close to us, we try to capture the essence of their lives in a eulogy or stories. I’ve been flattered to have given quite a few eulogies at the funerals of people I loved and lost. My Mom.… Continue Reading “Random Stuff, Part 8: Microwave Your Mug”

Random Stuff, Part 7: Ghosts and Aliens

Two things I want to see before I die… a U.F.O. and/or an alien from outer space a ghost But do I, really? Because once I see a ghost I have to wrestle with telling anyone, keeping it to myself, or living the rest… Continue Reading “Random Stuff, Part 7: Ghosts and Aliens”

Random Stuff, Part 6: Rivers Cuomo is Cool

Maybe if I link this new Weezer video I’ll have some people who accidentally come here, to my Blog, to see it. It’s a cool video with Rivers  passing a note and passing it and passing it on and on and on. “Rivers” is… Continue Reading “Random Stuff, Part 6: Rivers Cuomo is Cool”

Random Stuff, Part 5: Pete Wentz is Cool

I’ll tell anyone who will listen that the best thing about Coronavirus and our nationwide stay-inside quarantine is that musical artists are bored, not touring, and they need our attention and praise. Those things are their life force. So they’re taking to social media… Continue Reading “Random Stuff, Part 5: Pete Wentz is Cool”

Random Stuff, Part 4: Brad Pitt Sucks

Recently I decided I don’t like Brad Pitt. It sucks to say that. Cuz he’s in two of my favorite movies (Fight Club and Ocean’s Eleven). He’s dated some of the most beautiful women ever. He seems funny. But he also has had his problems …with drinking,… Continue Reading “Random Stuff, Part 4: Brad Pitt Sucks”

Random Stuff, Part 3: Do People Really Think Like This?

Today, as of writing this, we’re on Day-26 of the Michigan Shelter-in-Place (aka “Stay At Home”).  Michigan kids, in fact, had their last day of school 30-days ago. I know. I’ve been journaling every day. We’re Stay-At-Home until April 30th, at least. I heard… Continue Reading “Random Stuff, Part 3: Do People Really Think Like This?”

Random Stuff, Part 2: Humor Test

I saw two things yesterday that amused me. One of them much more amusing than the other. This is a test. Which of these do you find funnier? Both are funny. Don’t feel pressured. But I have a theory and want to know which… Continue Reading “Random Stuff, Part 2: Humor Test”

Random Stuff, Part 1: History by Hollywood-Only

I’m a history buff. I rarely read fiction. I like reading about history. But who has the time? I like watching movies. So, a few months ago I decided to merge two things I love into a more efficient time management system and I… Continue Reading “Random Stuff, Part 1: History by Hollywood-Only”

Random Stuff: Amazing Household Cleaner Made With Baking Soda, Dish Soap, and White Vinegar

Short and sweet Blog entry here about an amazing household cleaner made with baking soda, dish soap, and white vinegar. Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner Recipe 1 cup Arm & Hammer baking soda 1/2 cup dish soap (I used a cheap lemon soap from a Dollar… Continue Reading “Random Stuff: Amazing Household Cleaner Made With Baking Soda, Dish Soap, and White Vinegar”