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Were You Wondering About My Face?

Thanks to the TheraSCAR, I won’t have a scar from my paintball injury. And now I’m a bit addicted to Dr. Gray‘s TheraSCAR. I had two other odd scars on my face and they are gone!!! This TheraSCAR stuff is like the fountain-of-youth! It’s… Continue Reading “Were You Wondering About My Face?”

Curious About My Face?

Well, this is a curious development in the face-fixing treatment. I seem to have taken a step backwards. You’ll notice a curious and contemplative look on my face. This was two days after I decalred “miracle on my face.” Looked worse, if you can… Continue Reading “Curious About My Face?”

Miracle on My Face

This is kinda unreal. Look at my lip and compare it to yesterday’s post. Only 24-hours after my first application and … Look?!???? This is only …24 …hours!!! Well the bottle does say something like “like having a plastic surgeon in a bottle” and “beware… Continue Reading “Miracle on My Face”

War Scars and TheraSCAR

I decided long ago I hate paintball. First, I’m horrible at it. I can’t remember a time I wasn’t the first guy eliminated. It was a hard thing to learn, oh those many years ago, that I have basically zero survival instinct and a… Continue Reading “War Scars and TheraSCAR”