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Lent, Part 1: Slow Start, Reboot

Here’s what I said I would do for Lent… Fast on Fridays. Meaning, after dinner on Thursday until Saturday breakfast, nothing but coffee, water, or tea. That’s about 35-40 hours of intermittent fasting. Catholics were doing this intermittent fasting thing way before it became… Continue Reading “Lent, Part 1: Slow Start, Reboot”

A Brilliant Diet Idea!!!

I’m into the 10th day of Lent and I’m still 100% compliant with the Whole30. Well, mine is technically “the Whole40” for the forty days of Lent. Check that. It’s actually the Whole46 because I’m going right through to Easter Sunday. Not taking Sundays off.… Continue Reading “A Brilliant Diet Idea!!!”

Dad Diary: My Lenten Letter to My Children

Yes, I had a pazcki for breakfast. Yes, I’m going to eat my favorite fast food for lunch. Yes, I’m going to have an Old Fashioned this evening, but it’s Fat Tuesday, for heaven’s sake. However, tomorrow, with the first day of Lent, it’s… Continue Reading “Dad Diary: My Lenten Letter to My Children”

Dad Diary: I Promise to Take Care of Myself

My oldest daughter often frowns when I head to the cupboard or fridge for a snack, or if I take seconds at dinner. When I say I had some fast-food for lunch, she gets on my case. She’s right to do that. As I’ve… Continue Reading “Dad Diary: I Promise to Take Care of Myself”

A Too Long Lent Post

About this time of year, there’s never a shortage of Blogs about Lent. Like this one, detailing nineteen things you can give up for Lent that “aren’t chocolate.” I’m going to review the list daily throughout Lent, and then a buncha other stuff. For… Continue Reading “A Too Long Lent Post”

Do One Thing for Lent

Maybe my challenge with Lent in the past is I try to tackle three, four, or five things. Heck, this year I have a list of seven things. It sets me up for failure. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. Lent is working for me, this year.… Continue Reading “Do One Thing for Lent”

Lent Day-11 Update

The thing about Lent is that it’s a little different than say, oh, New Year’s Resolutions, because when it comes to Lent, you make a promise to Jesus and God. Now, while it’s true those two are pretty well documented as the forgiving type,… Continue Reading “Lent Day-11 Update”

Today I Started the Whole30 and Medium.com

Another fad diet. If The Whole30 is a fad, so be it. It sounds like a great way to eat. Mainly, it’s about cutting grains and sugars and I hope to see increased energy, better sleep, improved breathing, and maybe a few pounds off… Continue Reading “Today I Started the Whole30 and Medium.com”

Thinking About Lent

Start:  8:13am. Sometimes it takes a major life event or catastrophe to snap a person out of a malaise. This past week dealt a blow to me and my family when we lost my Uncle Jerry to a massive and completely unexpected stroke. To… Continue Reading “Thinking About Lent”