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Things I Love: Other Bloggers

The tradition continues. It’s only the second week, but to do something two weeks in a row like I said I was going to do? It feels like a major victory. My invented tradition is #ShareSunday, or #SS if you’re going to play along.… Continue Reading “Things I Love: Other Bloggers”

Things I Did: Guest Blogged at MomRunsHalf

If you came here looking for something funny, inspiring, or relating to One Direction, you’ll have to check back tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m going to introduce the concept of a “Fight Club Resume.” Oh …make no mistake. You’ll want to check back and see what… Continue Reading “Things I Did: Guest Blogged at MomRunsHalf”

Things I Did: Watched the 6-Minute Version of One Direction’s Video

I’m 40 years old. You might’ve picked up on that if you’ve been reading my blog. It happens. I’m not having a full-blown mid-life crisis, but if a few more things happen, I could easily see myself spinning out of control. But I’m not… Continue Reading “Things I Did: Watched the 6-Minute Version of One Direction’s Video”

Things I Love: Being Nominated for a Liebster

So, I guess I’m pretty popular in “mommy blog” circles. Check that, I’m popular with one particular “mommy blog” and it’s because it’s written by my sister. In her first couple months of blogging, she’s putting me to shame. But, as her older brother,… Continue Reading “Things I Love: Being Nominated for a Liebster”