Prayer to Our Saint Gerald

Jerry’s Grandson, Jimmy Kowalewski, was asked by a classmate if there was anything he had from his Grandpa Jerry to remember him by. Jimmy, reluctantly, said he didn’t. This troubled Jimmy, but while praying at the prayer service and listening to so many people talk about how Jerry helped them, over and over, time and time again, Jimmy felt we should write a prayer to our Saint Jerry to say in our time of need, before working on a car, updating Windows, running speaker wires or audio cables cleverly out of site, fixing an outboard boat motor, fixing a leaf blower, deciding to buy a TV, or any other little project where Jerry’s input and help would be needed. Say this prayer and he will be with you.

To Jerry in Heaven, be with me now.

Grant me patience. Grant me wisdom.

Grant me confidence when facing doubt.

Be with me, Jerry, as Jesus is with you.

Show me the beauty in the challenges and the tests.

And make me unafraid to fail, and that I might know you will help me in my hour of need.


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