Sennheiser MM 70i

Wanna block out the world and enjoy every little nuance of some amazing music? Want to hear a Podcast so clearly you’ll think you’re sitting in-studio with your favorite Podcasters? Then you should get the Sennheiser MM 70i ear buds.

sennheiserWant a clear, directional inline microphone that points towards your mouth and face? Tired of people asking you to repeat yourself when talking on the phone via your earbuds? Want a microphone that makes your Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube vids capture your voice like you have professional recording devices? Then you should get the Sennheiser MM 70i ear buds.

Some may recall I spent most of 2015 obsessing about finding the perfect replacement for my dumb, white Apple earbuds? I bought some cheapy ear buds from TJ Maxx. I bought two Bluetooth versions. Returned one of them, they were so bad.

Here’s what I said when I first reviewed these:

The noise cancelling is like magic. Even when not playing music, I can barely hear the outside world, and when I add any music at even low volume, the world goes away. It’s a little dangerous being that isolated, so even when I wear them on the edge of my ears so I can hear things like my kids, a car driving up behind me when I’m walking the dog, or sirens, they stay in my ear.

Here I am, a year later, and cannot recommend these more highly.

You can block out the world. You can sit and talk into the microphone and it’s better than a landline phone. The only drawback is that the microphone is so good, if you are outside walking and there’s wind, a dog barking, or someone doing work outside, whoever you’re talking with might get a little annoyed.

And, of course, the music you’ll hear, and the bass, blows you outta the water.

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