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Dad Stuff: Right to Left

I’m right-handed, but starting today, I’m going to do everything left-handed. Why? To see if it can be done and if I can make myself ambidextrous. I did it once before, with my computer mouse, when carpal tunnel made my right-hand go numb. It… Continue Reading “Dad Stuff: Right to Left”

Things I Do: Coach Soccer

The soccer season is back. Am I talking about Barclay’s Premier League, which started last Saturday morning and brought with it 9 hours of glorious futbol on various NBC channels? Yes. That’s part of it. But the next part is even better …my daughter’s… Continue Reading “Things I Do: Coach Soccer”

Things I Do: Coach Soccer

The fall season is underway and my 3rd Grade girls team is 1-1 while my 1st Grade boys team is 0-2 (including a 9-0 drubbing this past weekend). Score shouldn’t matter. It’s a recreational youth league. Right? The primary goal is for all the… Continue Reading “Things I Do: Coach Soccer”