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My 2022 Christmas Card Letter

I wish I could send everyone a copy of my ’22 family Christmas card and enclosed Christmas card letter, but postage stamps are expensive. Lucky you if I deem you worthy of .50-cents. No, really. I’m a very lucky guy. I have so many… Continue Reading “My 2022 Christmas Card Letter”

Use a Stopwatch or Set a Timer

Ever wonder where all your free time went? Here’s a tip. Use a stopwatch and figure it out. Or, set a timer. On everything. This morning on a company Teams call, the boss reminded everyone to do something that was sent from “corporate.”  I… Continue Reading “Use a Stopwatch or Set a Timer”

I’m Good at (and I like) What I Do!

If you have a business and thought about using audio (radio) to build your company, you should call me. For the third time in the past 6 months, a new client has called to say, “Don, we need to trim back on our radio… Continue Reading “I’m Good at (and I like) What I Do!”

What’s the Deal with Borax?

Ever heard of Borax? Until a couple of months ago when my daughter needed it to make slime (the hottest thing with kids and girls 10 and under), I’d never heard of it. It’s a laundry detergent “booster” and it says add it to… Continue Reading “What’s the Deal with Borax?”

A Sleep Solution

If you only knew how much I love my digital watch, you’d laugh at me. It has five alarms, a stop watch, tells the time in 12 time zones, and has a countdown timer. I have all five alarms set for something. 9:55 p.m. –… Continue Reading “A Sleep Solution”

Obsessed with My Lawn, But I Come By It Naturally

I’ll bet, like every father, my Dad occasionally sits around wondering, “I wonder if I made an impression on my children and taught them something?” Well, Dad, rest assured, you did. Especially when it comes to my lawn. My Dad always had the best… Continue Reading “Obsessed with My Lawn, But I Come By It Naturally”

Corporate Shill

Last year, the company I work for (and where I’ve worked for more than a decade) changed it’s name from Clear Channel to iHeartMEDIA. They did this because (my words) the coolest part of our company was the iHeartRADIO app and Clear Channel was… Continue Reading “Corporate Shill”

Blog Entry For One Person

This isn’t a blog entry for everyone. No, sir. This is for L.L. People think because I blog alot and Tweet and stuff, that I know stuff. Here’s L.L.’s logo. Need a kick-ass real estate agent who can sell your house …fast?!?!?! Click the… Continue Reading “Blog Entry For One Person”

Advertising Myself (Brand Me)

The picture says it all, so there’s no real reason to support it with a blog entry, right? Well, this is a blog, so …ya know. I’m gonna blog something. The picture is my “why?” Why do you waste time blogging, Don? Why do… Continue Reading “Advertising Myself (Brand Me)”

The Cold Call

Part of my job is the “cold call.” The idea of cold-calling, for many (including me), can sometimes create anxiety and fear and nervousness. We consult our cold-call tactics and techniques. We lock ourselves in a small conference room and pull the shades down.… Continue Reading “The Cold Call”