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run with raven

Does anyone remember two years ago when I started kicking my own butt? It was called “Project 44” and I was exercising in multiples (or factors) of 44 in the run-up to my 44th birthday (or was I 44 years old and there were… Continue Reading “EXERCISE, TWO YEARS LATER”

Mid-Year Review is Almost Here

For anyone who might’ve stopped keeping track, we’re 14-days away from the start of I Love Don Week and 21-days away from my birthday. If I may ask one thing for my birthday, is that you don’t scroll back through my Blog posts and don’t… Continue Reading “Mid-Year Review is Almost Here”

Never Stop Improving: Exercise

I watched the fourth Transformers (Age of Extinction) movie over the weekend and the big thing that jumped out at me was Mark Wahlberg’s bi-ceps. He’s two years older than me and, while he has personal trainers and probably a live-in chef and probably has a… Continue Reading “Never Stop Improving: Exercise”

Remember #Project44

Recall at the beginning of the year I was gung-ho about #Project44. The mission to make a better-Don before my 44th birthday in July. Oops. Sorta fell by the wayside, but I’d like to say it’s back on the agenda and I have 71-days… Continue Reading “Remember #Project44”

The Pomodoro Technique and My Personal Q2

In the business world, you’re measured by months and quarters. Quarterly sales numbers. Quarterly reviews. Quarterly celebrations and bonuses. Oh how we love quarters. You only need 2-cents for this bit of coolness. Q1, for me, wasn’t my best. I sucked at my New… Continue Reading “The Pomodoro Technique and My Personal Q2”

Need to Simplify

For the past 5 weeks, I’ve been displaced from my home. Nothing bad, don’t worry. We’re remodeling our kitchen and it’s a pretty major project, so major that our family-of-five had to move out. Blessing of blessings, my Aunt, who lives 1.9 miles away… Continue Reading “Need to Simplify”


I’ve lost some weight. I’ve exercised every day (not quite 44-minutes, but I’m getting there). I’ve moved a whole belt loop. My skin looks good. The 44th day of 2017 will be Monday, February 13th and I’ll make a “First-44 Days” analysis (kinda like… Continue Reading “#Project44”

#Project44 #Pullups2 #Sadness

It’s not all feel-good and “yay me” on the #Project44 experiment. This morning, I wanted to see how many pull-ups I could do. Here’s a multiple choice quiz… Tomorrow I’ll reveal the answer and I’ll probably tell you about how I can’t raise my… Continue Reading “#Project44 #Pullups2 #Sadness”


Remember my focus for the year 2017? I call is #Project44. This year I will celebrate my 44th birthday and I want to make this year matter. Here’s my list… Be in bed by 9:44 or 10:44 Wake up at 4:44 or 5:44 (depending… Continue Reading “#Project44”

2017 is for #Mission44, Ending Procrastination, and Finding Flow

We’re nearing the end of January, and having themes for 2017 is already paying dividends. My themes are my own invention, #Mission44, along with minimizing procrastination in my life, and, finally, finding “flow”. “Flow”, as I understand it, is that mental state when everything… Continue Reading “2017 is for #Mission44, Ending Procrastination, and Finding Flow”