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It’s a GREAT Week When …

It’s a GREAT week when your favorite band, Weezer, gets swept up in a viral campaign and Tweet storm and releases two new songs (well, covers of classic cheesy 80s songs) and then you randomly discover a new band (that’s not actually new, but… Continue Reading “It’s a GREAT Week When …”

So Many Good Things

Ever have one of those days where you’ve got so many things to brag about, you don’t even know where to start? Like, I could tell you about my Eurolux Stainless steel, Cool Touch Electric Kettle and how it’s changed my life. Or you can… Continue Reading “So Many Good Things”

It’s Never a Bad Morning with Wisdom from Tim Ferriss

I’m calling the next 6-months the “Don Improvement Project.” I’m gonna try the “get better by 1% each day” approach, and today started with actually  getting out of bed when I wake up, versus laying their and doing nothing. If I can’t go back to… Continue Reading “It’s Never a Bad Morning with Wisdom from Tim Ferriss”

The Don Daily: I’m Growing a Beard for No-Shave November

It’s the tenth day of November and the tenth day of beard growth. A group of us at iHeartMEDIA Detroit are growing beards for No-Shave November. More to follow. But if you want to support us (me), you can donate at the link below.… Continue Reading “The Don Daily: I’m Growing a Beard for No-Shave November”

The Don Daily – What Successful People Do

I’ve spent the last three years, and actually the decade before that, reading about successful people, reading books by people who research what successful people do, and listening to audio books and Podcasts daily and . . . like many people like me who… Continue Reading “The Don Daily – What Successful People Do”

The Don Daily

  Yesterday was All Souls Day and I was invited by my Aunt to attend an evening Mass with her where my Uncle Jerry would be called by name and we all would pray for his soul, again. I miss him. But having him… Continue Reading “The Don Daily”