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Don’t be Boring

Don’t be boring. Be fun. Be interesting. Stand out in a crowd. Show your individualism. Some might say, “don’t try so hard,” but I say, “why not?” We all have such a short time here, why would any of us mail-it-in? The older I… Continue Reading “Don’t be Boring”

Lawn Stuff: Don Doesn’t Rake Leaves

I don’t rake leaves. I don’t bag leaves. I mulch them. Religiously. I mow them right into the lawn.  I don’t bag my grass clippings in the spring. The summer. Or in autumn.  All these mulched grass clippings and leaves make incredible soil for… Continue Reading “Lawn Stuff: Don Doesn’t Rake Leaves”

The Camp Chef is THE GREATEST

A war is coming. I’m about to write something that, if I had more than 12 readers, would set off a firestorm of angry comments and Tweets more intense than a hundred year Trump campaign. A rage worse than an old-person and a young-person… Continue Reading “The Camp Chef is THE GREATEST”

Day 1

There’s always a Day 1 and any day can be a “day 1”. This is my “day 1” of getting back to my Blog. My life, at the moment is full of Day-1s. My wife just took a new job teaching a new grade… Continue Reading “Day 1”

Dad Stuff: Dad Decree 1

No shoes to be worn in the house. Today, on the 28th day of April, in the year of our Lord 2021, I, as Dad in our household, decree that shoes are not to be worn around the house. This will be the first… Continue Reading “Dad Stuff: Dad Decree 1”

Dad Stuff, Part 7: Re- Crate Training My Dog

Everyone talks about how the pandemic and shelter-in-place has impacted the family dog and I’m here to tell you, after analyzing a control group of one dog (my dog) . . . it’s true. I worked-from-home for almost two years. Now the entire family’s… Continue Reading “Dad Stuff, Part 7: Re- Crate Training My Dog”

Random Stuff, Part 5: Pete Wentz is Cool

I’ll tell anyone who will listen that the best thing about Coronavirus and our nationwide stay-inside quarantine is that musical artists are bored, not touring, and they need our attention and praise. Those things are their life force. So they’re taking to social media… Continue Reading “Random Stuff, Part 5: Pete Wentz is Cool”

Food Stuff, Part 2: Cauliflower Plant-Based Hot Wings

If I didn’t mention it in most conversations, didn’t Blog about it, and didn’t post about it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you probably wouldn’t even know that I’m living a plant-based lifestyle. “Plant-based” is the cool way to say you’re “vegetarian.” And when… Continue Reading “Food Stuff, Part 2: Cauliflower Plant-Based Hot Wings”

Random Stuff, Part 4: Brad Pitt Sucks

Recently I decided I don’t like Brad Pitt. It sucks to say that. Cuz he’s in two of my favorite movies (Fight Club and Ocean’s Eleven). He’s dated some of the most beautiful women ever. He seems funny. But he also has had his problems …with drinking,… Continue Reading “Random Stuff, Part 4: Brad Pitt Sucks”

Random Stuff, Part 3: Do People Really Think Like This?

Today, as of writing this, we’re on Day-26 of the Michigan Shelter-in-Place (aka “Stay At Home”).  Michigan kids, in fact, had their last day of school 30-days ago. I know. I’ve been journaling every day. We’re Stay-At-Home until April 30th, at least. I heard… Continue Reading “Random Stuff, Part 3: Do People Really Think Like This?”