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Social Media, Part 1

My Mom read books like she was in a book-reading-contest. Easily a book a week. I’ve seen her read three books in a week and on vacation she’d bring a bag (a brown, paper grocery bag) filled with a dozen books and she’d read… Continue Reading “Social Media, Part 1”

Advertising stuff, Part 1: Why I Blog

Everyone should Blog. Especially if you want to be a writer, have a small business, working marketing, advertising, or sales, or just want to understand the modern world.

Advertising Myself (Brand Me)

The picture says it all, so there’s no real reason to support it with a blog entry, right? Well, this is a blog, so …ya know. I’m gonna blog something. The picture is my “why?” Why do you waste time blogging, Don? Why do… Continue Reading “Advertising Myself (Brand Me)”

Things I Do: Coach Soccer

The soccer season is back. Am I talking about Barclay’s Premier League, which started last Saturday morning and brought with it 9 hours of glorious futbol on various NBC channels? Yes. That’s part of it. But the next part is even better …my daughter’s… Continue Reading “Things I Do: Coach Soccer”

Things I Don’t Do: Write Like I Should … I’m a Writer Who Sucks at Blogging Consistently

Holy crap! I call myself a writer, and then on the blog that should be easiest to fill with words and fleeting thoughts, I can’t even get that right. Like …I bought a writing desk for my room to celebrate my newest writing client.… Continue Reading “Things I Don’t Do: Write Like I Should … I’m a Writer Who Sucks at Blogging Consistently”