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Q4 Kick Off

Don’t mean to brag, but …I’m in sales. I’m a sales guy. I sell stuff. I have quotas and budgets and I pretty much blow my numbers away. I get mad props from my bosses. It’s how I afford my Buick. Cloth seats, bruh.… Continue Reading “Q4 Kick Off”

Things I Love: Magic

I once taught myself a card trick. I practiced it and practiced it and thought, man, I really have this down cold. Problem was, every time I performed it in front of anyone, they always said, “oh, well, you just had an extra card.”… Continue Reading “Things I Love: Magic”

Things I Did: Weekend Writing Wrap-Up

There was a point in my life where I’d have thought a blog entry like this was superfluous, unnecessary, and excessive (just like the two words I used after “superfluous”). I’d have also thought a blog entry like the one you’re about to read… Continue Reading “Things I Did: Weekend Writing Wrap-Up”