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Lawn Stuff, Part 3: Speedzone (and some pulling)

Here we are. Day-7. I’ve witnessed a true miracle. You say it’s a predictable result of a scientifically tested product designed to do the thing I hoped it would do. I say MIRACLE!!!  The pictures below, if you have the patience to compare them… Continue Reading “Lawn Stuff, Part 3: Speedzone (and some pulling)”

Lawn Stuff, Part 1: Speedzone

Yes. Another category on this Blog … #Lawn Stuff. When it comes to my lawn, I’m obsessed. Yet, I’m no expert. I don’t have tons of extra money to spend. I don’t want to hire a service (again, the money). I don’t water it… Continue Reading “Lawn Stuff, Part 1: Speedzone”

The Lawn

As Annie Lennox sang, “here comes the rain again,” and for a guy who obsesses about his lawn, and who has two neighbors with yards higher than my yard, and another guy who does zero lawn maintenance, my backyard is still smushy and muddy… Continue Reading “The Lawn”

Obsessed with My Lawn, But I Come By It Naturally

I’ll bet, like every father, my Dad occasionally sits around wondering, “I wonder if I made an impression on my children and taught them something?” Well, Dad, rest assured, you did. Especially when it comes to my lawn. My Dad always had the best… Continue Reading “Obsessed with My Lawn, But I Come By It Naturally”