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I Guess I No Longer Have Bronchiectasis

I’ve been sheepish about going public with this but here goes … I think I don’t have Bronchiectasis, anymore. Feels strange saying that. Especially when autumn and autumn-turning-into-winter and the junk food of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas usually kick-start the coughing and wheezing and then I… Continue Reading “I Guess I No Longer Have Bronchiectasis”

Lung Stuff, Part 13: A New Pulmonologist

One of my goals for 2021 is to get a handle on my lungs and breathing. The retirement of my long-time pulmonologist coupled with the onset of a pandemic that attacks the respiratory system, has me a little worried. It seemed like as good… Continue Reading “Lung Stuff, Part 13: A New Pulmonologist”

Lung Stuff, Part 12: Bronchiectasis

Writing this on January 25th. My 25th day of plant-based eating. Doing it because I want to stop …coughing. I’ve said for years that I can fix this Bronchiectasis thing if I really wanted to if I would just stop eating crappy foods. More… Continue Reading “Lung Stuff, Part 12: Bronchiectasis”

LUNG STUFF, PART 4: Building the Ultimate Phlegm Free Diet

I talk too much and share too much. Recently I’ve been talking about an “anti-phlegm” diet (I’m quite the conversationalist) but it must be interesting enough people always ask me lots of questions. Either that or they just ask questions and are thinking, “how… Continue Reading “LUNG STUFF, PART 4: Building the Ultimate Phlegm Free Diet”

Lung Stuff: I Have Bronchiectasis

I have a lung disorder ..and you-oooo, don’t. Yup …lucky me, I had a really, really bad cough back in 2007 and because I assumed I was still Superman, I just tried to cough my way through it and treat it with bottle after… Continue Reading “Lung Stuff: I Have Bronchiectasis”