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The White Elephant Gift Exchange Game

Historians have determined the origins of the “White Elephant Gift Exchange Game” started around the end of the 80s. Hard to believe, before that, extended family gathered without any gift-giving and gift-getting agenda and co-workers weren’t forced to “buy something” for each other even… Continue Reading “The White Elephant Gift Exchange Game”

Thinking Thursday…

Isn’t the Blog title great? I’ll bet I could make that my personal brand and send a newsletter out each week on Thursday and thousands and thousands of people would subscribe and wait on their weekly dose of amazing stuff from Don. Like this… Continue Reading “Thinking Thursday…”

Fearlessness, Jealousy

Read the title of this blog? How do these feelings tie together? I’m going to keep this short because I want you to use your time here (visiting my blog) to watch the video below. It’s 2-minutes and 45-seconds, and worth watching if “jealousy”… Continue Reading “Fearlessness, Jealousy”

Be a Beacon

This morning, I sat through a fascinating lecture by Bob Kernan of jacapps (an app developer) and I sorta made a spectacle of myself during the Q&A (I swore I would play it low-key). That’s not really the point of this blog. You know… Continue Reading “Be a Beacon”

Risk Taking

Am I a risk-taker? Are you? Do you want to be a risk-taker? Do I? Was I a risk-taker at one point? On a scale of 1 to 10, with “10” being the riskiest most fearless person and 1 being the least, where do… Continue Reading “Risk Taking”

Fear, Loathing, Hesitation, and Whining

I’m not a firefighter. I’m not a cop. I’m not serving in our military and I’m not deployed to a war zone. I’m not a tight-rope walker. Why do I bring this up? I listened to Tim Ferriss’s recent Podcast titled, “How to Overcome… Continue Reading “Fear, Loathing, Hesitation, and Whining”

A Weekend Thought on Happiness

I went into the weekend with a plan. Here’s that plan. Wake up early and exercise hard. Enjoy coffee after the workout. Make breakfast for my kids. Clean the kitchen. Straighten up the house. Work on a “green screen” with my son. Get the… Continue Reading “A Weekend Thought on Happiness”

If You’re Not First, You’re Winning

I told my eight-year-old (daughter) that I think she might be getting a new bike this summer … her 10-year-old brother’s old bike, actually. “But it’s black and it’s a boy’s bike,” she said. I told her that’s the downfall of being last (born),… Continue Reading “If You’re Not First, You’re Winning”

I Won Christmas!

I won Christmas. But not in the same way I usually win Christmas, which I usually measured statistically with measurable metrics like “most gifts” and “cost of gifts” and “percentage of list.” But not this year. This year, I measured it in here (pointing to… Continue Reading “I Won Christmas!”


Every now and then, a guy like me, Mr. Inbox Zero, suddenly wakes up to find he has way too much going on and too much clutter in his life. And that “clutter” can be on my desk, in my car, in my bedroom,… Continue Reading “Uncluttering”