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Things I Will Do: Balance My 2014

The worst thing about having a blog, which I’ve had now for about 10 years, is you can’t hide from anything you’ve said or boldly proclaimed. I’m lucky, for the most part, only about a dozen people read my blog, so it’s not like… Continue Reading “Things I Will Do: Balance My 2014”

Things I Love: Other Bloggers

The tradition continues. It’s only the second week, but to do something two weeks in a row like I said I was going to do? It feels like a major victory. My invented tradition is #ShareSunday, or #SS if you’re going to play along.… Continue Reading “Things I Love: Other Bloggers”

Things I Think:

I’ve often heard that a writer should read as much as he writes. I usually take this to mean a writer should we well versed in the works of Dickens, Chaucer, Twain, and various other standards. That would be classy, sure. And it would… Continue Reading “Things I Think:”