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A Message from a Happy Jalapeno

You might be here at my Blog because of my stories and my writing. You might be here because of my birthday and Christmas wishlists. Or you might be here because you love great salsa, and you know Donnie Jalapeno Salsa is the greatest… Continue Reading “A Message from a Happy Jalapeno”

Things I Make: Don’s 2011 Christmas List, Updated

As far as me blogging about things I want and things I’m getting, this Christmas season has been a failure. I mean, I’m still getting gifts (which is awesome), but I’m not blogging as much as I wanted to. Fingers crossed, of course, that… Continue Reading “Things I Make: Don’s 2011 Christmas List, Updated”

Things I Make: Don’s 2011 Christmas List

Usually I like to make my Christmas wish-list public by Black Friday so my friends, family, and fans can take advantage of the deals and savings. I’m off to a late start and if you’ve already bought me something, I’m sure I’ll love it.… Continue Reading “Things I Make: Don’s 2011 Christmas List”

Things I Make: Mix Tapes

Making a mix tape is a lost art. I still make mix tapes. Actually, I make “playlists” on my mp3 player nowadays, but same difference. Recently I read a really good blog post by @ChristyTV where she discussed how music was way better back… Continue Reading “Things I Make: Mix Tapes”

Things I Make: Salsa and Big Decisions

It’s Sunday and that’s usually a day off here at the blog, but I thought I’d quick blog about my first ever Board of Directors meeting at my salsa world headquarters (salsa yet unnamed, world headquarters = my kitchen). My trusty assistant and I,… Continue Reading “Things I Make: Salsa and Big Decisions”

Things I Make: Everyone’s Favorite Salsa / Name My Salsa Company

Before I talk salsa, last night I had a dream that I let my car run out of gas and was stranded on a dark country road, and then one of my best friends from high-school drove by, he was dressed like Eminem from… Continue Reading “Things I Make: Everyone’s Favorite Salsa / Name My Salsa Company”