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Writing Stuff, Part 1: Monday Blogs

#MidYearResolutions I love this time of year. It’s mid-year. Half-way through 2020 and if you haven’t noticed, 2020 hasn’t exactly been perfect. Readers know I love New Year’s Resolutions. I love making big, bold proclamations of amazing things I’m about to do, and then… Continue Reading “Writing Stuff, Part 1: Monday Blogs”

Advertising stuff, Part 1: Why I Blog

Everyone should Blog. Especially if you want to be a writer, have a small business, working marketing, advertising, or sales, or just want to understand the modern world.

Project 46

Mid-Year Resolutions (and Mid-Life Resolutions) Two things that have always been my things are my Mid-Year Resolutions and my Projects. Two years ago I kicked off Project44 and it’s been a good guide. Time for an update. My birthday, luckily, is July 11th, right… Continue Reading “Project 46”

Today I Started the Whole30 and Medium.com

Another fad diet. If The Whole30 is a fad, so be it. It sounds like a great way to eat. Mainly, it’s about cutting grains and sugars and I hope to see increased energy, better sleep, improved breathing, and maybe a few pounds off… Continue Reading “Today I Started the Whole30 and Medium.com”

1 Month Down, 11 To Go, and 1 Thing

I don’t mean to freak anyone out (namely myself), but we’ve already burned a month in 2015. Did you make resolutions? I sure did. And how much closer am I to all those things I put on my New Year’s Resolution list than I… Continue Reading “1 Month Down, 11 To Go, and 1 Thing”

Imagination is a Wonderful Thing

There’s dust on the furniture on this blog and it smells of spoiled food (I think I left a half-eaten Jimmy John’s sub behind the cabinet …thankfully not a tuna sub). It’s kinda embarrassing because I still consider myself a “blogger”, but if I’m… Continue Reading “Imagination is a Wonderful Thing”

Things I Did: Weekend Writing Wrap-Up

There was a point in my life where I’d have thought a blog entry like this was superfluous, unnecessary, and excessive (just like the two words I used after “superfluous”). I’d have also thought a blog entry like the one you’re about to read… Continue Reading “Things I Did: Weekend Writing Wrap-Up”

Things I Did: Signed a Ghost-Writing Client

When I’m not writing about American Idol, The Bachelor and Bachelorette, and Survivor over at spunkybean, I write some other stuff. Once I wrote a concert-guide for Coachella. You can still buy it if you want to see how accurately I predicted the success… Continue Reading “Things I Did: Signed a Ghost-Writing Client”

Things I’m Doing: Making a Brand New Ending

I’m writing on the blog today to let you know I’m not writing on the blog today. How’s that for a riddle? People keep blogs for all sorts of reasons. This blog here? I’m going to journal my next 30-, 60-, and 90- days,… Continue Reading “Things I’m Doing: Making a Brand New Ending”

Things I’m Doing: Auditioning Word Processors

Written with OmmWriter for my MacBook Pro. I keep reading that writers can be more productive and creative in a “distraction free” environment and everyone was going crazy silly about OmmWriter. I have a full time job. Selling stuff. I dream of being a… Continue Reading “Things I’m Doing: Auditioning Word Processors”