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Social Media, Part 1

My Mom read books like she was in a book-reading-contest. Easily a book a week. I’ve seen her read three books in a week and on vacation she’d bring a bag (a brown, paper grocery bag) filled with a dozen books and she’d read… Continue Reading “Social Media, Part 1”

Things I Do: Status Updates in Third-Person

Many people (nobody) ask, “Don, why do you update Facebook in 3rd-person?” I’m a Facebook Originalist (that’s not really a thing, I just made it up). Remember when Facebook first started? It didn’t just list your name and ask you to post any old… Continue Reading “Things I Do: Status Updates in Third-Person”

Things I’m Doing: Making Donnie Jalapeno Salsa, Again!

Get excited. Donnie Jalapeno Salsa RIDES AGAIN! It’s August in Michigan. The farmer’s markets are bursting with fresh Michigan grown onions, roma tomatoes, cilantro, and all the other yummy ingredients needed for what I believe is the absolute perfect salsa. At least 27 people… Continue Reading “Things I’m Doing: Making Donnie Jalapeno Salsa, Again!”