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Things I Love: My New Merrells and My Friend Kurt

I hope nobody reads this entry or watches the videos. So there I was, bouncing around Facebook as I’m apt to do, and my sister gets to talking about needing a new pair of running shoes like people sometimes talk about on Facebook. I’m… Continue Reading “Things I Love: My New Merrells and My Friend Kurt”

Things I Love: Don (I Love Don Week 2012)

Of all the blogs I’ve ever hosted and written, this is one of them. It’s also the least cared for and cultivated, which is a shame, because if I ever want to become an Internet sensation, I’m going to have to do much better… Continue Reading “Things I Love: Don (I Love Don Week 2012)”

Things I Love: A Fresh Perspective

Whilst on vacation, I captured lots and lots of video. Usually I video tape (“digitally capture” is what it should be called these days, I guess) very little. So what, you ask? Stop me if I’ve mentioned this before, but when my Mom passed… Continue Reading “Things I Love: A Fresh Perspective”