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Bronchiectasis: A Look Back

Thinking reposting the Blog entry below might be timely. Why? Because starting about Thanksgiving I started eating like crap, then starting coughing like a sumbitch, then caught a cold, and then had to go see Dr. Sherman about my lungs, get my antibiotic, and… Continue Reading “Bronchiectasis: A Look Back”

A Brilliant Diet Idea!!!

I’m into the 10th day of Lent and I’m still 100% compliant with the Whole30. Well, mine is technically “the Whole40” for the forty days of Lent. Check that. It’s actually the Whole46 because I’m going right through to Easter Sunday. Not taking Sundays off.… Continue Reading “A Brilliant Diet Idea!!!”

I’m Ruined!

Something is seriously, seriously wrong. I spent the entire Lent doing the Whole30, which is a giant fast where I avoided all packaged and processed foods. If it had any processing done to it at all, I couldn’t eat it. No bread. No alcohol.… Continue Reading “I’m Ruined!”

This Is Going to Sound Like Bragging and Now What?

I’ve had a great Lent. Easily my best Lent ever. And not just because I sacrificed and dieted and feel great, but because I did all the things I did for the right reason. And didn’t cheat. Here’s my confession … I always cheat… Continue Reading “This Is Going to Sound Like Bragging and Now What?”

It’s Getting Easier – The Whole30

It’s the 24th day of Lent and the 24th day of my Whole30 experiment. I remember reading the first few chapters of that book a few weeks ago and what jumped out was the painstaking detail the authors put into describing each day of… Continue Reading “It’s Getting Easier – The Whole30”

The Whole30 Is Killing Me!

OK. The Whole30 is not literally killing me, but I feel tortured. There’s so much I cannot eat. I know it’s for my own good, but I’m suffering. I don’t know if I can do this. Aren’t “Dad Bods” a trendy, sexy thing? Why… Continue Reading “The Whole30 Is Killing Me!”