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Monday. Master the Mundane. Mold My Mutt.

Lotta stuff in my brain right now. The biggest things are thoughts of my Uncle who suffered a major stroke last Wednesday night. You won’t meet a more sharp-minded, curious, energized, happy, and intelligent person than he. He’s everyone’s favorite person. I think that’s… Continue Reading “Monday. Master the Mundane. Mold My Mutt.”

Things I Love: Other Bloggers

It’s week three of my #ShareSunday experiment. I had to pick a new #hashtag because #SS is already pretty popular on Twitter, and since I can’t figure out what #SS means (though I’ve concluded it’s not Nazi related, which is a relief), I’ll just… Continue Reading “Things I Love: Other Bloggers”

Things I’m Doing: Making a Brand New Ending

I’m writing on the blog today to let you know I’m not writing on the blog today. How’s that for a riddle? People keep blogs for all sorts of reasons. This blog here? I’m going to journal my next 30-, 60-, and 90- days,… Continue Reading “Things I’m Doing: Making a Brand New Ending”