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Self Improvement Stuff

Let me tell you about a fool. An idiot. About a guy so dumb, I’m ripping him off every day. It’s all about me and he doesn’t even see I’m robbing him blind. Also …this fool …is brilliant. It’s Cal Newport. How I’m only… Continue Reading “Self Improvement Stuff”

Obsessions: The Wild Diet by Abel James

From time to time I get obsessed with diet and exercise. If I read something really good, I’ll tell you why. Looking for an eating plan that makes sense, written by a guy with a great Podcast? Then you need to deep-dive into Abel… Continue Reading “Obsessions: The Wild Diet by Abel James”

Brain Body Diet

Started reading this book, Brain Body Diet by Sara Gottfried, MD,  and quickly realize it was written by a woman for women, and yet, I know there’s got to be some good advice in here. I’m stubborn. I refuse to admit I’m reading a book… Continue Reading “Brain Body Diet”

So Many Good Things

Ever have one of those days where you’ve got so many things to brag about, you don’t even know where to start? Like, I could tell you about my Eurolux Stainless steel, Cool Touch Electric Kettle and how it’s changed my life. Or you can… Continue Reading “So Many Good Things”


My biggest fear in life is Alzheimer’s disease. It runs in my family. It took my Grandma away from us. My Dad is involved in an ongoing study and he worries about it (and I think he shows he has a gene that makes him… Continue Reading “Alzheimer’s”

The Best Podcast I’ve Heard in a While

I believe in Divine Inspiration. I believe that sometimes, when I pray (and I believe in prayer because, well, at the risk for making my readers uncomfortable, I believe in Jesus and God and I believe there is some good in praying to them),… Continue Reading “The Best Podcast I’ve Heard in a While”

The Whole30 Is Killing Me!

OK. The Whole30 is not literally killing me, but I feel tortured. There’s so much I cannot eat. I know it’s for my own good, but I’m suffering. I don’t know if I can do this. Aren’t “Dad Bods” a trendy, sexy thing? Why… Continue Reading “The Whole30 Is Killing Me!”

The Original Dog Whisperer

Right around the holidays, I got tired of being laughed at for complaining about my dog. I didn’t like being laughed at, yet I wasn’t doing anything to make it stop. I admit …I don’t like dog ownership. I’m not a dog lover. I… Continue Reading “The Original Dog Whisperer”