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Day 1

There’s always a Day 1 and any day can be a “day 1”. This is my “day 1” of getting back to my Blog. My life, at the moment is full of Day-1s. My wife just took a new job teaching a new grade… Continue Reading “Day 1”

Inspiring Stuff, Part 2: Dragan Pop Art

I’m going to interview Chris, the topic of this Blog, in a future Blog entry and ask what clicked inside him two years ago that he started creating fabulous works of art in his basement. Often, my Blog is about me and random stuff that… Continue Reading “Inspiring Stuff, Part 2: Dragan Pop Art”

Inspiring Stuff, Part 1: Walk-Up Music

Today is Day-3 of “I Love Don Week” and I’m changing it up. Instead of you giving things to me, today, I’m giving something to you. The gift …of music. You all know what a Walk-Up Song is, right? It’s rooted in baseball and… Continue Reading “Inspiring Stuff, Part 1: Walk-Up Music”