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I Want Stuff, Part 1: Father’s Day 2020

This whole pandemic shelter-in-place don’t-go-to-work too-much-family-time is very tough for all of us? Ya know what would lift people’s spirits? Getting gifts, that’s what? This Blog feature is a life lesson for my 15-year-old son. Back at Christmastime, his mother and I asked for… Continue Reading “I Want Stuff, Part 1: Father’s Day 2020”

Christmas Wish-List, Part-6

Why do I have a Blog all about me? What’s the point? The main reason is, it gets me writing, almost daily, and it’s fun. Writing, like exercise, learning guitar, or golfing can’t be done once or twice a year with the expectations of… Continue Reading “Christmas Wish-List, Part-6”

Christmas Wish-List, Part 5

Three stocking stuffers, today. Easy things. Like when you’re friend is getting married and registers somewhere and you hop on-line and see everything they picked is suuuuuuper expensive, so you click “Sort By Price” and you buy whatever is around $20 (or whatever your cheap-ass budget… Continue Reading “Christmas Wish-List, Part 5”

Christmas Wish-List, Part 4

Holy crap. It’s already the 6th of December and I’ve barely gotten started on my list. It’s not me so much I worry about (though I do worry I won’t get as many gifts as I could have if I had given you all more… Continue Reading “Christmas Wish-List, Part 4”

Christmas Wish-List, Part 3

Day-1 and Day-2 of my Christmas wish-list were pretty lame. Three out of four items on the wish-list, so far, are shoes. I’m old. Not like today’s gonna get much better, as I’m about to ask for a set of headphones to be worn… Continue Reading “Christmas Wish-List, Part 3”

Christmas Wish-List, Part 2

Two more things for my Christmas Wish-List, and I’m so sorry I’m dripping these ideas onto the world. Yesterday, I indicated I want a Bongo Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker and slip-on Johnston & Murphy’s. Today I’m going for a replacement of a Christmas classic and something… Continue Reading “Christmas Wish-List, Part 2”

Christmas Wish-List, Part 1

With Thanksgiving so early this year, I really blew it in not getting this out sooner. I’ll expand on this, but wanted to get the quick-wish-list out a.s.a.p. You’re welcome. Bongo Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker: It’s soothing to look at, water resistant (because I’m such a… Continue Reading “Christmas Wish-List, Part 1”

I Love Father’s Day

I’m famous for my birthday lists (detailed during the “Month-of-Don” and “I-Love-Don-Week”) and Christmas wish-lists. Today, I announce the creation of another gift-giving guide – my “Father’s Day Shopping Guide.” It’s important to have lists, as a father, so some renegade child or wife… Continue Reading “I Love Father’s Day”

Things I Want: iPad Air and Plain Colored Ties

Some people ask, “do you really love the iPad that much?” And of course I always respond the same …if my house was on fire and I had 30-seconds to evacuate, I’d save, in this order, two of my three kids, my iPad, the… Continue Reading “Things I Want: iPad Air and Plain Colored Ties”