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Challenging Myself

My good friend, N.G., recently laid down some “we can’t” and “we don’t have” and some other obstacles that I haven’t been able to get outta my head. Who says I can’t have a YouTube channel for myself, and another one completely devoted to… Continue Reading “Challenging Myself”

Do One Thing for Lent

Maybe my challenge with Lent in the past is I try to tackle three, four, or five things. Heck, this year I have a list of seven things. It sets me up for failure. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. Lent is working for me, this year.… Continue Reading “Do One Thing for Lent”

Things I Don’t Do: Write What I Know

Lately, this blog is “trying too hard.” What happens is, I read six Seth Godin books in a row, I spend hours traveling around in a rental car and listening to Seth Godin books on CD, and suddenly I think, hey, I’m going to… Continue Reading “Things I Don’t Do: Write What I Know”

Things I Love: Other Bloggers

The tradition continues. It’s only the second week, but to do something two weeks in a row like I said I was going to do? It feels like a major victory. My invented tradition is #ShareSunday, or #SS if you’re going to play along.… Continue Reading “Things I Love: Other Bloggers”

Things I’m Doing: Listening to Books on Tape

I spend alot of time staring at a windshield, these days. This week, for example, in adding up the travel time between appointments and towns where I’ll have appointments, I’ll log about 7 hours looking at highway billboards. At first, when I started traveling… Continue Reading “Things I’m Doing: Listening to Books on Tape”