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Donnie Jalapeno and YOUR GARDEN

OK. Here’s thinking outside the box. You have a garden. Like many of my friends with gardens, you might have too much stuff. So, how about you bring some of that stuff and let me make Donnie Jalapeno Salsa with produce from your garden. I’m… Continue Reading “Donnie Jalapeno and YOUR GARDEN”

Recipe: Donnie Jalapeno Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros is a classic Mexican breakfast, but I think it can be lunch or dinner, too. Traditionally, it’s two fried-eggs smothered in salsa poured onto a tortilla. Oh, and I know scrambled eggs with salsa is technically Huevos a la Mexicana, but does… Continue Reading “Recipe: Donnie Jalapeno Huevos Rancheros”

A Message from a Happy Jalapeno

You might be here at my Blog because of my stories and my writing. You might be here because of my birthday and Christmas wishlists. Or you might be here because you love great salsa, and you know Donnie Jalapeno Salsa is the greatest… Continue Reading “A Message from a Happy Jalapeno”

Order Your Donnie Jalapeno Salsa NOW!

My salsa is soooooo good, even when tomatoes and fresh vegetables aren’t in season, my Donnie Jalapeno salsa dominates taste buds. Remember the old days when you would have to order only when I was ready to make salsa? Well …things have changed. It’s 2018. Here’s… Continue Reading “Order Your Donnie Jalapeno Salsa NOW!”