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Don Stuff, Part 1: NEW Weezer Song

August has been a rough month. I had tickets to Hellamega, a concert with Fall Out Boy, Green Day, and Weezer. I was going with one of my best friends, my 16-year-old son, and he was gonna bring a friend. Wanna know my Top-5… Continue Reading “Don Stuff, Part 1: NEW Weezer Song”

Random Stuff, Part 5: Pete Wentz is Cool

I’ll tell anyone who will listen that the best thing about Coronavirus and our nationwide stay-inside quarantine is that musical artists are bored, not touring, and they need our attention and praise. Those things are their life force. So they’re taking to social media… Continue Reading “Random Stuff, Part 5: Pete Wentz is Cool”

Oh, Great, I Like Another Band That Typically Appeals to Teen Girls

Why!?!?! Why did I happen in A.K.’s office on Friday and why did the conversation get hijacked and turn towards my juvenile taste in music? Why, when I talked about Weezer and their upcoming tour, did it somehow take a detour and I found myself saying, “Weezer… Continue Reading “Oh, Great, I Like Another Band That Typically Appeals to Teen Girls”

Do You Want to be Happy for the Next Three Minutes?

It’s funny how a couple of nights ago I sat through a lecture about the meaning of Advent and how it relates to the four levels of happiness. No where during this hour-and-a-half-long presentation did the speaker address where on the heirarchy something like… Continue Reading “Do You Want to be Happy for the Next Three Minutes?”