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The next time I scream at my TV that we should fire Izzo or he should retire, someone shove this in my face.

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Social Media

If you run a small business, have a personal brand, an Etsy store, are a consultant, real estate agent, or really … if you know you should be better at social media, this post is for you. I help people with social media. I… Continue Reading “Social Media”

Instagram 2,200 Character Limit

I learned something today. I learned Instagram has a 2,200 character limit on posts. You really DO learn something new every day, even if that something is almost useless. View on Instagram https://ift.tt/2CLgypU

Barbershop Quartet

I tried a new barber shop, last week, for one reason – convenient parking. My downtown Birmingham barber shop doesn’t have convenient parking. This new barbershop is in a strip mall, which doesn’t give it that downtown-Mayberry, main street charm, but it was full… Continue Reading “Barbershop Quartet”

Things I’m Doing: If This Then That

Co-worker C.G. just yelled to me, “hey, Don! Come here. Look at this.” “This” is a site called If This Then That, and if I understand correctly, it allows interactions between our many channels to be automated. This blog entry is a test of… Continue Reading “Things I’m Doing: If This Then That”