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#22Kill 22-Day Push-Up Challenge, Day 6

I missed a couple of days, but my daughter asked, “aren’t you still doing the push-up thing,” and I was like, yes, and so what if I missed a day or two. Right? I’m doing it to inspire others and maybe spread the word… Continue Reading “#22Kill 22-Day Push-Up Challenge, Day 6”

#22Kill 22-Day Push-Up Challenge, Day 4

Something occurred to me as I took a nice bike ride with my kids to a local park, this evening. It occurred to me that I can safely do things like that, and we can all enjoy that freedom and peace, because whenever our… Continue Reading “#22Kill 22-Day Push-Up Challenge, Day 4”

#22Kill 22-Day Push-Up Challenge, Day 3

You gotta watch today’s video. You’ll see my dog goes nuts right around my 20th push-up. More crazy than she ever acts. Guess why? There was a skunk waddling across the street. Apparently my dog and I spooked the skunk outta my bushes (I… Continue Reading “#22Kill 22-Day Push-Up Challenge, Day 3”

#22Day Push-Up Challenge, Day 1

Maybe two months ago, bowling buddy P.G. challenged me to the #22 day push-up challenge. I thought, “I’m in.” Then did nothing. Now, someone else has challenged me and it’s time I stop “thinking about it” and just start doing it. What is the… Continue Reading “#22Day Push-Up Challenge, Day 1”