Category: Things I Hate

AirPod 3rd Generation = Inspiring

A Blog entry about AirPod 3s? But this isn’t an electronics Blog. I don’t regularly review Apple products or electronics and don’t have a YouTube channel where I unbox stuff and explain features and what I like and don’t like. Yes, I’m obsessed with… Continue Reading “AirPod 3rd Generation = Inspiring”

Your iPad Makes You a Loser

The NCAA basketball tournament means millions of eye balls watching TV and, hence, new TV commercials from major brands. If I ran a company, I wouldn’t even bother with a ad in the Super Bowl that gets aired once, critiqued like crazy, and forgotten.… Continue Reading “Your iPad Makes You a Loser”

The White Elephant Gift Exchange Game

Historians have determined the origins of the “White Elephant Gift Exchange Game” started around the end of the 80s. Hard to believe, before that, extended family gathered without any gift-giving and gift-getting agenda and co-workers weren’t forced to “buy something” for each other even… Continue Reading “The White Elephant Gift Exchange Game”

For the Love of All Things Lost!

Any Catholics out there know which Saint is Patron Saint of Lost items? Or Patron Saint of Not Losing Things? Here we go with round three of my clip on shades for my trifocal glasses. Co-worker A.B. laughs at my old man glasses and… Continue Reading “For the Love of All Things Lost!”

Things I Hate: Carving Pumpkins

I love the Internet 99% of the time, but I hate what it has done to Halloween pumpkin carving. With the invention of Google Images, now everybody thinks they need to be the Michelangelo (he was a sculptor, right?) of pumpkin carving. I blame… Continue Reading “Things I Hate: Carving Pumpkins”