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I Guess I No Longer Have Bronchiectasis

I’ve been sheepish about going public with this but here goes … I think I don’t have Bronchiectasis, anymore. Feels strange saying that. Especially when autumn and autumn-turning-into-winter and the junk food of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas usually kick-start the coughing and wheezing and then I… Continue Reading “I Guess I No Longer Have Bronchiectasis”

Lung Stuff, Part 12: Bronchiectasis

Writing this on January 25th. My 25th day of plant-based eating. Doing it because I want to stop …coughing. I’ve said for years that I can fix this Bronchiectasis thing if I really wanted to if I would just stop eating crappy foods. More… Continue Reading “Lung Stuff, Part 12: Bronchiectasis”

Bronchiectasis: A Look Back

Thinking reposting the Blog entry below might be timely. Why? Because starting about Thanksgiving I started eating like crap, then starting coughing like a sumbitch, then caught a cold, and then had to go see Dr. Sherman about my lungs, get my antibiotic, and… Continue Reading “Bronchiectasis: A Look Back”

Random Stuff: Amazing Household Cleaner Made With Baking Soda, Dish Soap, and White Vinegar

Short and sweet Blog entry here about an amazing household cleaner made with baking soda, dish soap, and white vinegar. Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner Recipe 1 cup Arm & Hammer baking soda 1/2 cup dish soap (I used a cheap lemon soap from a Dollar… Continue Reading “Random Stuff: Amazing Household Cleaner Made With Baking Soda, Dish Soap, and White Vinegar”

My Lungs, Chapter 188 and #ResolutionADay

Quickly for the new readers (SKIP TO PARAGRAPH 5 IF YOU DON’T WANT THE BACK STORY) – I have a lung condition called Bronchiectasis. Learn about it here. In short, it’s kinda like Asthma, kinda like a never-ending cold, and kinda shitty. When I… Continue Reading “My Lungs, Chapter 188 and #ResolutionADay”

Christmas Wish-List, Part-6

Why do I have a Blog all about me? What’s the point? The main reason is, it gets me writing, almost daily, and it’s fun. Writing, like exercise, learning guitar, or golfing can’t be done once or twice a year with the expectations of… Continue Reading “Christmas Wish-List, Part-6”

Lung Update, or I Might Be a Hypochondriac

It’s been four years since I saw my Pulmonologist and I’ve had some ups and downs with my lungs and my coughing. I remember his words four years ago when he said, “you’ll always have this and it could get worse, but it probably… Continue Reading “Lung Update, or I Might Be a Hypochondriac”

Things I Have: Bronchiectasis and How I’ve Been Doing it All Wrong

When my Mom was alive, she was one step shy of being a medical doctor – and that “one step” was 6 short years of medical school and training. Other than that, she was our family doctor …well, a nurse practitioner, at least. If… Continue Reading “Things I Have: Bronchiectasis and How I’ve Been Doing it All Wrong”

Things I Have: Bronchiectasis (Mostly Gluten Free Experiment)

Since last we spoke of my Bronchiectasis, I’ve been experimenting a little. Mainly, I’m trying to avoid phlegm-inducing foods. It wasn’t easy on vacation, but my lovely and caring wife made quite a few snacks that were gluten-free. Why gluten-free, you ask? Well …part… Continue Reading “Things I Have: Bronchiectasis (Mostly Gluten Free Experiment)”

LUNG STUFF, PART 4: Building the Ultimate Phlegm Free Diet

I talk too much and share too much. Recently I’ve been talking about an “anti-phlegm” diet (I’m quite the conversationalist) but it must be interesting enough people always ask me lots of questions. Either that or they just ask questions and are thinking, “how… Continue Reading “LUNG STUFF, PART 4: Building the Ultimate Phlegm Free Diet”