Marketing and Advertising

nobodyhearstreefall_edited-1If a tree falls in the woods, and nobody is there to hear it . . . we make sure that tree has a Twitter and Instagram account, a Facebook Page with thousands of ‘Likes’, a Blog, and once everyone is talking about that tree, we make a Kickstarter account to fund the replanting of that tree.  We launch a nationwide advertising campaign, send out press releases, and shoot a video that has a great chance of going viral.

Trust us. You’ll know about that tree when we’re done with it.

Put our 20 years in advertising to the test.

When you’re at a neighborhood barbeque, or someone starts chatting with you at a Courtyard by Marriot on one of your many long business trips and they ask, “what do you do for a living,” – whatever you say in next 30-seconds is your “elevator pitch” and your story.

Your company is that “tree.” Everyone told that tree, “you really need an Instagram account.”  So the tree created and Instagram account. But the tree doesn’t have any idea of what should go on his Instagram account. We do. And we know how to maximize the exposure of each post, each idea, and weave it into a tale for the ages.

most-interesting-man-goldsmithThe next time someone’s making small talk and you tell them about your company, and they go home and do a little Internet exploring or Chrome’ing, they’ll think they had just talked to the “most interesting man in the world.”

We’ll set your organization up for success internally and then tell the world about you.

Now, the boring part where you hear all the amazing experience we have and how it will work for your company.

We’re like an advertising agency for all your marketing and communications needs, including traditional and digital advertising, public relations, website development, social media campaigns, publishing and video production. We’re creative. We know how to find your brand’s, or your company voice, and make you and your company a star!

Planning, budgeting, creative copy writing, graphic design, printing, and distribution—we do it all! Whether you need a one-time direct mail promotion or a long-term marketing and advertising campaign, we have the capability and expertise to meet your company goals.

We’ll help build your brand by talking with you about your needs, researching your company and industry, and then strategically implementing projects to suit your objectives (and your budget).

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