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Vortex Pins: Basement Burger Bar

Whenever I see a local TV station or newspaper naming their “Best Burger in Detroit”, I’m a little skeptical. Those are bought and paid for, says the skeptic inside me. Hey. That’s fine. And I’m not saying I haven’t visited a few of those… Continue Reading “Vortex Pins: Basement Burger Bar”

Vortex Pins: Sunflour Bakery

I discovered this place on Fat Tuesday and trust me when I say, though their Pazckis are the best I’ve had in years, that’s only a small part of what makes this place special. Do yourself a favor. Stop into Sunflour Bakehaus on your… Continue Reading “Vortex Pins: Sunflour Bakery”

Vortex Pins: Farmington Civic

Ever notice how taking your kids to the movies gets more expensive with every new blockbuster and the popcorn sucks? Well not at Farmington’s Civic Theater located in charming downtown Farmington. This is everything you remember and your parents remember about going to the… Continue Reading “Vortex Pins: Farmington Civic”

There’s No Place Like Home (for the holidays?). Win a $100 EyeToons Card.

Note: This is NOT a real blog entry and NOT a real company. This is just a pretend blog entry written for someone else – written for one of my writing clients. I’m NOT giving away a $100 of anything. Have you noticed there… Continue Reading “There’s No Place Like Home (for the holidays?). Win a $100 EyeToons Card.”

Why We Build the Homes we Build

As the holidays approach, we all give thanks for the things we have. Here at Zenith Homes, we are thankful for all our wonderful employees, the many talented contractors and skilled trades people that help make our homes so wonderful, and especially for our… Continue Reading “Why We Build the Homes we Build”