Sony MDR-XB950B1

I never expected to love Sony headphones as much as I like these and something nobody seems to talk about the microphone. I’m in sales and I spend much of my day on the phone. I hate holding a phone to my ear. Even in the old days I had a headset attached to my work phone.

Nowadays, my iPhone 8 is my main phone, my personal phone …it’s everything.

I don’t like the in-ear feel of the Apple earbuds. I bought an expensive in-ear pair of Sennheisers (great, great sound). I use my Bedphones with in-line microphone, but people say I “sound distant” or “muffled” when the microphone brushes against my clothes.

So, I bought these Sony’s for my daughter for Christmas and she doesn’t use them. But I do (merry Christmas to me) and it has a microphone. I thought, “no way could that microphone be acceptable for talking with clients being way up there by my ear.”

Well, I’ve been using it for 72-hours, and ran a LIVE compare and contrast test while talking to my friend Chris W. and this microphone, and these headphones as your wired or Bluetooth headset …it should be the biggest selling point. 

No. You’re not going to see my driving in my car with them on and talking, but in my home office, or my office, with people telling me, “you sound really clear,” …well, I’m sold.

Oh, and for music, they’re really good, too. Noise cancelling. Bass boost for people who think bass means good, warm sound. But rest assured, the music is crisp and clear if using them as Bluetooth, and even better when you plug in the wire.

Highly, highly recommend these Sony MDR-XB950B1 headphones.

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