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Don Stuff, Part 4: New Weezer video

No matter how bad your day is, or how stressful your week is, a new Weezer video can make the stress and worry melt away.

Don Stuff, Part 1: NEW Weezer Song

August has been a rough month. I had tickets to Hellamega, a concert with Fall Out Boy, Green Day, and Weezer. I was going with one of my best friends, my 16-year-old son, and he was gonna bring a friend. Wanna know my Top-5… Continue Reading “Don Stuff, Part 1: NEW Weezer Song”

Inspiring Stuff, Part 1: Walk-Up Music

Today is Day-3 of “I Love Don Week” and I’m changing it up. Instead of you giving things to me, today, I’m giving something to you. The gift …of music. You all know what a Walk-Up Song is, right? It’s rooted in baseball and… Continue Reading “Inspiring Stuff, Part 1: Walk-Up Music”

Weezer Stuff, Part 1: A Weezer Podcast, a Playlist by Weezer, and a cool video

This might be the first and last “Weezer Stuff” post on my Blog, but worthy of the keystrokes. In the course of 24 hours, I happened upon a cool, new video by Weezer, I found a Playlist on the iHeartRADIO App with songs actually… Continue Reading “Weezer Stuff, Part 1: A Weezer Podcast, a Playlist by Weezer, and a cool video”

Random Stuff, Part 6: Rivers Cuomo is Cool

Maybe if I link this new Weezer video I’ll have some people who accidentally come here, to my Blog, to see it. It’s a cool video with Rivers  passing a note and passing it and passing it on and on and on. “Rivers” is… Continue Reading “Random Stuff, Part 6: Rivers Cuomo is Cool”

Weezer Stuff

There are better places on the Internet to get Weezer news, but why work that hard. Here, you’re reading stuff from a guy who was among the first ever to subscribe to their fan club newsletter back in 1993 when the newsletter was delivered… Continue Reading “Weezer Stuff”

I Love Don Week Wrap-Up

Another glorious I Love Don Week is in the books and while I only got a few things off my ultimate wish-list, it was the surprises that delighted. But truly, if you meant to buy me something, don’t be embarrassed if you send me a belated… Continue Reading “I Love Don Week Wrap-Up”

It’s a GREAT Week When …

It’s a GREAT week when your favorite band, Weezer, gets swept up in a viral campaign and Tweet storm and releases two new songs (well, covers of classic cheesy 80s songs) and then you randomly discover a new band (that’s not actually new, but… Continue Reading “It’s a GREAT Week When …”