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Christmas Wish-List, Part 5

Three stocking stuffers, today. Easy things. Like when you’re friend is getting married and registers somewhere and you hop on-line and see everything they picked is suuuuuuper expensive, so you click “Sort By Price” and you buy whatever is around $20 (or whatever your cheap-ass budget… Continue Reading “Christmas Wish-List, Part 5”

Things I Love: Great Coffee

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting at a coffee shop run by the biggest coffee brand in the world (which I won’t mention by name) and thinking, “is this really the best coffee can taste? Burnt and acidic?” And with… Continue Reading “Things I Love: Great Coffee”

I Love Don Week: The List

Last night, one of the biggest fans of “I Love Don Week” was talking about how she feels horrible that this year hasn’t been special and she has almost zero ideas on what to get me. Usually, since this is day-6, I would’ve already… Continue Reading “I Love Don Week: The List”

Things I Love: Coffee, Upside Down AeroPress Technique

I’ve talked about, read about, and learned more about coffee in the past couple months than in the previous 20 years combined. For most of my life, coffee was Maxwell House from a can, scooped into a filter, brewed and percolated, and 15 minutes… Continue Reading “Things I Love: Coffee, Upside Down AeroPress Technique”