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My Blog (Before)

Say good-bye to Kaleidoscopic Raygun as you know it. And get ready for a Blog that will act as my creative portfolio, a resource for my clients, a landing page for my writing, and pretty much “my brand” (or “Brand Don”).  Earlier this week… Continue Reading “My Blog (Before)”

OK. I’ll Try Meditation

A few things are universal in the self-help and coaching world. Exercise daily Avoid starches and sugars Sleep at least 7-hours each night Meditate I’ve tried meditating. It’s difficult. My brain is the kind of brain that never stops. During the guided meditation session… Continue Reading “OK. I’ll Try Meditation”

Things I Love: Vacation, Blurry Memories

I’ll be brief here, folks …I’m angry. And dumb. And being dumb and angry is no way to go through life. I’m angry because the video you are about to see looks like I’m still taking pictures with my 2.0 Megapixel  CoDack (correct, an… Continue Reading “Things I Love: Vacation, Blurry Memories”