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run with raven

Does anyone remember two years ago when I started kicking my own butt? It was called “Project 44” and I was exercising in multiples (or factors) of 44 in the run-up to my 44th birthday (or was I 44 years old and there were… Continue Reading “EXERCISE, TWO YEARS LATER”

Things I’m Doing: Getting Better at Traveling

Traveling. Let’s talk about it. I know I’m not the only guy who’s ever had to travel, and I’m betting I’m not the only one who’s had to adjust. The first few trips made me feel isolated, incredibly guilty about leaving my family, and… Continue Reading “Things I’m Doing: Getting Better at Traveling”

Things I Did: Exercise

A few years ago, I felt I was very nearly at the top of my game. I would often times head out for a run and just see where the road would take me. I’d go 3, 4, or 8 miles if I felt… Continue Reading “Things I Did: Exercise”