One of the greatest products I’ve ever owned. I’m a freak about these. If you and I are talking and you dare mention that you have trouble sleeping, I’m pouncing on you about Bedphones. I’m on my fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth eleventh pair. Yes, they all break eventually (sound typically stops working in one of the ears), but these are meant to be worn at night while sleeping, and I probably toss and turn alot.

You might ask if Bedphones always break, why do I love them so much? Simple. I was having trouble sleeping and going crazy. I don’t know if they’re called night terrors, or what type of insomnia you’d call it, but I was able to fall asleep at bedtime, only to wake in the middle of the night and not able to put myself back to sleep.

I tried everything. Reading in bed. It would disturb my wife and turning on the light (or reading on a tablet) didn’t really tire me out. I tried going downstairs and sleeping in front of the TV to distract my “monkey brain” (defined as racing thoughts that won’t stop and get crazier and crazier), but I think we all know that sleeping in front of a glowing TV screen with flashing lights and sounds is not the recipe for a good night’s sleep. My doctor gave me Xanax and, sure, it helped, but I really felt like a drug addict setting up a glass of water and a pill next to my bed every night knowing I would wake and need to take it. And if you take a Xanax at 3:00 a.m., trust me, you’ll need until Noon the next day to shake-off its hangover like side-effects.

I got the idea to have my iPhone and earbuds next to my bed and it worked. If I woke up at 2:00 a.m., I would have a boring Podcast or audiobook queued up, I could grab everything in the dark and hit “play” and before long, I would be back to sleep. The problem is earbuds (a) hurt your inner ear if you roll over onto your side and (b) fall out easily.

The quiet audio in the middle of the night was the solution. Earbuds were not. Enter Bedphones. They lay flat on the side of your head and are super lightweight and pretty much disappear (meaning you don’t know you’re wearing them). They sound great. The infinity wire wraps around your ear so they won’t fall off.

For me, I only need to stop thinking about work, my finances, my health, or any number of random thoughts for a few minutes and I’ll be zzzzzzzzz …out. If it doesn’t work and I don’t fall right asleep, at least I’ll learn something amazing about Ben Franklin or about the life of colonial women during the Revolutionary War …zzzzzzzzzz.

No, I don’t listen to funny Podcasts or intense murder mystery stuff – that would be silly.

51-surb2b1sl-_sx425_I have but one wish in this world – that Bedphones were more durable. They’re not. And that’s OK. They are worth every penny all 11 times (actually I’ve only purchased 7 because Bedphones are very customer friendly and have replaced four pairs …it’s not their fault I sleep like a Tasmanian devil.

These would be great if:

  1. You have trouble falling asleep at night
  2. You wake in the night and have trouble falling back asleep
  3. You sleep with someone who snores
  4. You sleep in a noisy place (hunting cabin, family vacation spot)
  5. You travel for business (most business travelers I know say they DO NOT sleep well while traveling)
  6. You walk or jog in the cold with a winter hat or balaclava that press earbuds into your ears

I really can’t say enought great things about Bedphones. Oh, and they have an inline mic (that is very good for phone calls).

If you have a pair, get a pair from this review, would love to hear from you.

How to Wear (Video)

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