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Don Stuff, Part 2: Ranch Dressing

Best. Ranch. Ever. #BestRanchDressing. Best ranch dressing. #RanchDressingRules Sorry. I’m trying to go viral because after a lifetime obsessing about ranch dressing (if “lifetime” can be defined by “since college”), I’ve found ranch nirvana.  #RanchNirvana (hashtags will get me famous). It’s pretty simple really.… Continue Reading “Don Stuff, Part 2: Ranch Dressing”

Don Stuff, Part 1: NEW Weezer Song

August has been a rough month. I had tickets to Hellamega, a concert with Fall Out Boy, Green Day, and Weezer. I was going with one of my best friends, my 16-year-old son, and he was gonna bring a friend. Wanna know my Top-5… Continue Reading “Don Stuff, Part 1: NEW Weezer Song”