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Ducks and Deer

My sleepy, prototypical, boring suburban backyard is suddenly an animal sanctuary. Remember the duck? And how I thought it had abandoned it’s nest? The duck came back. So now I know that momma ducks, when they leave their nests for the day, cover their… Continue Reading “Ducks and Deer”

Father’s Day & I Love Don Week

***Attention*** This Blog Post is not the “I Love Don Week” and “Stuff I Want” list. This (what you’re reading) is a Blog post about the “I Love Don Week” list where I announce when shopping-for-Don season has officially begun. Sometimes I announce new… Continue Reading “Father’s Day & I Love Don Week”

2023 Hairvolution (Meaning I’m Getting a New ‘Do)

Now’s as good a time as any to give a little progress update on my hair. Recall on January 11th I looked in the mirror and said, Don, ya just don’t look good with short hair. High and tight isn’t for you. Time to… Continue Reading “2023 Hairvolution (Meaning I’m Getting a New ‘Do)”

AirPod 3rd Generation = Inspiring

A Blog entry about AirPod 3s? But this isn’t an electronics Blog. I don’t regularly review Apple products or electronics and don’t have a YouTube channel where I unbox stuff and explain features and what I like and don’t like. Yes, I’m obsessed with… Continue Reading “AirPod 3rd Generation = Inspiring”

Goals for 2023, 1-Month Update

I started the year copying Matthew Dicks’ and his ongoing tracking daily, monthly, yearly, and lifelong goals. He’s got 49 things on his list. I have 11 things. Well, now I have 12. This is a fun experiment. First, it lays bear all my… Continue Reading “Goals for 2023, 1-Month Update”

2023 Will Be a Hair Triumph

Been a while since I Blogged about my hair (see above), but with only a few months until my 50th birthday, I need to get serious, again. I’ve made some unfortunate decisions over the past few years with regard to my hair. First, the… Continue Reading “2023 Will Be a Hair Triumph”

Goals for 2023 and Forever

I’m committing plagiary. Intellectual property theft. But not really. Matthew Dicks actually encourages his fans (and I am one) to do what he does.  Here’s what he does. At the beginning of the year he establishes a set of goals (ie New Year Resolutions)… Continue Reading “Goals for 2023 and Forever”

My 2022 Christmas Card Letter

I wish I could send everyone a copy of my ’22 family Christmas card and enclosed Christmas card letter, but postage stamps are expensive. Lucky you if I deem you worthy of .50-cents. No, really. I’m a very lucky guy. I have so many… Continue Reading “My 2022 Christmas Card Letter”

Project 50 (What I’m Calling My 2023 New Year’s Resolutions)

Here it goes! My New York Times Best-Seller. My Blog is about to BLOW UP! Oprah’s gonna have me on as a guest. What’s that? She retired!?!?! Poop. No matter. I’m about to be known as that “Project 50 guy” and it’ll be a… Continue Reading “Project 50 (What I’m Calling My 2023 New Year’s Resolutions)”

Note to My Older Self, Part 1

This is Part 1 of a new series of Blog posts I’m writing to my future-self begging myself not to do certain things or become the type of person I would hate. I picture myself a wise, charming, clever old man who listens more… Continue Reading “Note to My Older Self, Part 1”