I Do What Tim Ferriss Says

Because I do whatever Tim Ferriss says in his podcasts, I ordered the Mizzen+Main “Beckett” blue gingham dress shirt and used promo code ‘TIM’ and got a Henley shirt for free. And I knew I was responding to an ad. I knew it. I know it. But I trust Tim Ferriss so much, I’m actually taking ice cold showers daily during Lent (and noticing a distinct difference in my body fat and early day energy). I’m putting almond butter on celery at night before bed to enhance sleep and make my mornings better. I’m doing his slow-carb #4HourBody diet.

And I bought the shirt he told me to.

Is this what early stages of becoming a “stalker” looks like? I guess when Tim Ferriss finds me sleeping in his bathtub after having broken into his home, then everyone should worry.

Why the shirt? Well, it’s a bit pricier than what I normally pay for my dress shirts (Express 1MX almost exclusively with an occasional J. Crew  dress shirt thrown in for flavor), but he swears it can be worn over and over and over again, doesn’t need dry-cleaning, and doesn’t need to be ironed. And he claims it’s stretchy and made from material that’ll keep me cool. So, if I pay a little more for the shirt, but save on dry cleaning, and if it lasts for more than a year with regular wear and tear, it’s probably worth the higher price tag. We’ll see. For the price, it had better look like, and wear like, a nice shirt and go with suits, slacks, and blazers. I trust his endorsement.

And in my day job, I sell endorsements. I utilize the personalities on the radio stations I represent in Detroit and have them talk about certain products or brands. And it works. Why? Because people trust people they like. And when it’s deeply personal and genuine, there’s an energy and honesty that can’t be duplicated in any other way.

Tim Ferriss, to me, is always looking for a time saver, shortcut, or money saver. His message, the way I hear it, is a) take whatever it is you do and b) find a way to do it in half the time it normally takes you. And when you do, you’ll have more “me time” and be happier. If I can spend a little more on a shirt and spend less money and time at the dry cleaner – bam. I’ll be happier. One less thing to worry about. Not to mention all the articles that say how toxic the dry cleaning chemical is and how it shouldn’t be against the skin and that, upon returning home from the dry cleaner you should try and rip open the plastic bag outside or in your garage because, otherwise, you’ll loosing tiny particles of chemical poison into your bedroom/closet air and, with my lung thing …well, one less thing that could cause me a lung seizure is a-OK in my book.

So, yes. I hope this shirt is awesome. And, I’m a victim (probably a bad choice of words) of trusting a celebrity who endorsed something.

Stay tuned for a shirt update whence it arrives.

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One of my favorite Tim Ferriss interviews follows…

3 Comments on “I Do What Tim Ferriss Says

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  2. I only sometimes do what Tim Ferriss says. I have been pondering about this shirt for ages and didn’t remember how to find it. Now I wonder how to make sure it fits, plus I am ordering from Europe. Their Chinos look great as well. What was your experience thus far?

    • I have two Mizzen + Main shirts. I didn’t pay close attention the the style, but one of them is like a pajama shirt and I don’t feel comfortable wearing it with a suit at work, but the other white one looks as good as any white dress shirt and I wear it twice a week, wash on the weekend, and repeat.

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