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Thanksgiving Follow-Up, Turkey-licious

Turns out I have at least one reader. Thanks to read J.F. for cornering me and pulling me aside at a cocktail party recently and asking, “well? How was the turkey? What was that cooking method, again?” Lucky me, I got to bend someone’s… Continue Reading “Thanksgiving Follow-Up, Turkey-licious”

Will Spatchcocked Turkeys Make this the Greatest Thanksgiving, Ever?!?!?

Well …hopefully in 12 hours from now I’ll be able to report back this was the most epic, most successful Thanksgiving, ever, with the best cooked turkeys my family has ever known. If it is to be, the reason will be the spatchcocked turkey… Continue Reading “Will Spatchcocked Turkeys Make this the Greatest Thanksgiving, Ever?!?!?”

Are Green Peas Healthy?

I think a healthy obsession is, well …healthy. A great thing about this modern world is, if you suddenly get an idea in your head, you can deep dive into that thing and be consumed by it. You can join Reddit groups, read articles, read Blogs, follow Twitter accounts by prominent experts in that thing you’re interested in.

Food Stuff, Part 4: Have an Eating Plan

Do you like metaphors? If you want to drive from Michigan to California and see landmarks along the way, do you just hop in the car and start driving? No. If you want to have a garden or a beautiful flower bed, do you… Continue Reading “Food Stuff, Part 4: Have an Eating Plan”

Food Stuff, Part 3: Cauliflower Queso Dip (Plant-Based)

Before we begin, my 15-year-old jerk of a son said I can’t call this “queso” because “queso” translates to “cheese” and this is a vegetarian plant-based recipe, and cheese would make that not so. I have a job. I pay the bills. I’ll call… Continue Reading “Food Stuff, Part 3: Cauliflower Queso Dip (Plant-Based)”

Food Stuff, Part 2: Cauliflower Plant-Based Hot Wings

If I didn’t mention it in most conversations, didn’t Blog about it, and didn’t post about it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you probably wouldn’t even know that I’m living a plant-based lifestyle. “Plant-based” is the cool way to say you’re “vegetarian.” And when… Continue Reading “Food Stuff, Part 2: Cauliflower Plant-Based Hot Wings”

Food Stuff, Part 1: Legendary Good Times Pizza Dough Recipe

The current quarantine around the Coronavirus has me feeling generous. So if you went to Michigan State in the ’90s, you definitely had a pizza from Good Times Pizza. My friend Rick and I believe one of the greatest foods ever invented were the… Continue Reading “Food Stuff, Part 1: Legendary Good Times Pizza Dough Recipe”

Plant-Based Stuff, Part 7: 7-Week Update

Like everyone who adopts a plant-based diet, I’m telling you all about it. I like to think I’m a little different because mine isn’t about weight loss, but mine is about eating a phlegm-free diet in order to help my lungs. I’m not doing… Continue Reading “Plant-Based Stuff, Part 7: 7-Week Update”